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Tea flavour granules

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Tea is one of the most famous and enjoyed beverages consumed by this millennia. Tea is believed to have originated in China and was used as a medicinal drink for a very long time. Only in the 3rd century it became a daily beverage and its cultivation at a large scale begun. Tea is liked by a vast majority of the people due to its fine taste and restorative properties.

But what if one can benefit the same restorative properties with enhanced as well as multiple flavors?

The current generation is very experimentative with the flavours in their tea and enthusiastic to try new ones. Tea leaves easily receive the flavors and can release it as easily. Commonly the flavored tea bags have leaves on which the flavors are spray dried on the leaves and thoroughly mixed. The problem here is the tea leaves are not right away used by the consumer. The tea leaves are packed away in tea bags, into their boxes and then distributed to grocery stores all over. From the shelves of the grocery store it takes more time for it to be purchased by the consumer and start using it, who will also not use the whole box at once.

The flavours added to the tea leaves are volatile in nature and the essence and taste of the added flavor tends to fade away by the time the consumer starts using it. This degradation of flavour can be prevented and the consumer can enjoy the complete essence of the flavour added if the flavours instead of being spray dried are added as granules in the tea bags.

The addition of granules is beneficial as it allows:

- Good stability of the flavor. Also the flavour are easily released when the tea bags are dipped in water or milk as enjoyed by the consumer.

- The granule size is customizable as per the requirement

- They allow longer shelf life of the product due to retention of the flavor.

A few of the flavors granules are Bergamot, Honey, Lemon, Earl grey, Mango, Spearmint, Orange, Cardamon.

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