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Protein Bar : The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The protein bar market is the fastest-growing snack market with people opting for ready to go high protein snack options. Asia has one of the largest snack markets with China, India, and Japan in the top 5 global snack markets in the world. Consumers are becoming more and more health-conscious day by day and shifting from sugary or oily snacks to healthier and protein-rich foods.

The benefits of including protein in your diet are not unknown to us, from mental fitness to physical fitness. With the fast-33paced lifestyle of today’s generation, the eating habits have changed. People have shifted from a 3-meal diet to eating less at more frequency i.e. snacking. They want tasty and healthy snacks on the go. Thus, protein bars are the perfect alternative for snacking; shelf-stable, high protein content, and portable. The protein bar market in Asia especially countries like India, China, and Japan is growing at a very fast pace.

When you manufacture a protein bar there are many things to be taken into consideration. A good bar must have a stable relationship between many factors like:

Protein bar's guide

- Flavour

- Hardness

- Texture

- Mouthfeel

- Taste

- Moisture content

- Bar shape

- Nutritional content

- Coatings

- Fat content

- Browning

- Shelf life

The texture of the bar is one of the three most important factors of a protein bar. The texture can be moist, grainy, dry, chewy soft, sticky, etc. This depends on:

- What type of protein is added.

- Additional ingredients added for taste or decorative purposes.

- And how these contents are processed and mixed.

The next key factor to a good protein bar is the actual functional protein in the bar.

The third most important factor is the shelf life of the protein bar. Here one has to pay attention to the hardening of the protein bar with time, the retention of the shape of the bar at various temperatures, the formation of mold due to the presence of water content and browning of the bar.

Once a person takes care of all the issues that may occur in the protein bar while its storage or consumption, he gets a successful protein bar in the market.

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