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Application of distilled monoglyceride (DMG)

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

DMG is mainly used in manufacture of bread, sponge cake, ice cream, protein bars, biscuits, crackers, candy, caramel, chocolate and bubble gum base etc. Their main function is to prevent oil and water separation and give a consistent texture to the end product. They have an HLB number ranging from 3-6 and are dissolved in oils and water in oil emulsions.

Almost 60% of the DMG produced is used for baked goods. The dispersion of DMG in dough depends on the particle size and the melting point of the DMG. They are specifically used in the bread doughs as it increases the fermentation stability of the dough so that the dough doesn’t collapse during transport thus degrading the final quality of the product. Besides this the DMG also forms a complexation with the starch in the bread preventing recrystallization of starch during storage thus increasing the shelf life.


The addition of DMG also prevents the formation of blisters on bread. This has gained popularity in bakers as it gives a smooth final texture to the bread.


The use of DMG in cakes is due to its property of better aeration of batter and decreasing crumb hardness over time other the emulsification.


In low fat spreads it is particularly difficult as the water content has to be stabilized more than once but emulsifier (DMG) greatly helps in the stabilization process.


Ice creams are a rather complex system, DMG in this system helps stabilize the oil water interfacial tension and promote desorption of milk protein from the interface.


DMG in margarine helps in the stability of water droplets distribute evenly in oil in the water in oil emulsion of the margarine.


Potato is rich in starch and the crystallization of starch over storage is very likely and DMG in potato mash prevents the crystallisation for as long as possible.


The use of DMG in confectioneries prevents the formation lumps and provides flow-ability to the product making it easy for transport.

Applications of Distilled Mono Glyceride
Wonder Product - Distilled Mono Glyceride (DMG)


A better texture and uniform fat distribution are achieved by the addition of DMG in biscuits, cookies and crackers.


DMG is used in coffee whitener for better dispersion and whitening and to provide stability to the end mixture.


In dairy DMG provides stability to the UHT treatment and improves firmness after the whipping.


The use of DMG in cereals reduces its sticking and clumping and composites the starch during processing of the cereals.


It is added to peanut butter to improve the oil stability and spread-ability enhancing the taste of the product.

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