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Application of Food Emulsifier

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Food emulsifiers are specialty chemicals used in wide range of food products due to their high functionality as they not only provide stability to the emulsions but also various other benefits. Each industry wants to provide a high-quality product at minimum price with a long shelf life. Food emulsifier is a great substitute for their requirements.

They can have various functions other than emulsification based on their composition as given below:

Distilled monoglycerides (DMG)

• Provides stability to the mixture and prevents oil separation

• Used in protein bars, cakes, peanut butter etc.

Propylene glycol esters

• Gives Stability to foam with better aeration

• Used in cakes, whipped toppings


• Provides dough strengthening

• Used in bread and rolls


• Prevents early staling of the product

• Used in bread and other baked goods

Polyglycerol esters, SAIB

• Helps in clouding (thus providing a more natural look)

• Used in citrus beverages

Polyglycerol esters, oxystearin

• Prevents crystal formation

• Used in salad oils


• Provides anti sticking properties and viscosity to the product

• Used in confectionaries, candies, grill shortenings and chocolates

Polysorbate 80, polyglycerol esters

• Controls the collection of fat

• Used in ice creams and whipped toppings

SSL, Polysorbate 60

• Provides freeze thaw stability

• Used in whipped toppings and coffee whiteners

Sorbitan monostearate, polyglycerol esters

• Optimizes the glossiness

• Used in cake glaze, coatings of confectionaries, canned and moist pet foods

Commonly in food industries these emulsifiers are used in form of blends of multiple emulsifier composition to achieve greater functionality and thus a better product. The global production of emulsifier has increased with increase in demand and has reached about 300,000 metric tonnes. This includes 20 different types of emulsifier from which DMG is of great importance as it is used in many food industries for various products.

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