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Natural Flavours

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Flavour is a food additive which gives an enhanced and favourable taste as well as scent to the final product. They are essentially used to mask the unwanted flavour and smell of the product caused due to other rather nutritional ingredients necessary in the product. Such in case of protein bars which have a very bitter taste and smell and are repelled by human senses, but addition of flavour makes the product a savoury and healthy snack. Flavours are also added to food as some of the ingredients have an inconsistent taste, are difficult to handle and can reduce the shelf life of the product, are difficult to obtain or are seasonal. Replacing food ingredients like these are essential allowing a steady consistent taste, smell and overall profile to the product.

Savoury Flavours

Sometimes it is a necessity to add flavours as the raw material is unsuitable for the desired end product for stability, shelf life. Packaging and consumer usage. Such as in a cake premix, adding fresh strawberries (dry version is not always readily available) in a strawberry cake premix will ruin the whole product. Instead of fresh strawberries if we add strawberry flavoured powder or even liquid (it is not required in large quantities due to its high concentration) which can be easily mixed with the premix and dried and then supplied to the consumer will increases the overall shelf life of the product and also gives the same taste and smell profile in each batch.

Common requirement like chocolate, vanilla, berry, strawberry, cinnamon, lime grass, rose etc can be easily obtained at mass scale through flavours.

Flavours are provided in:

Liquid flavours which has flavour types like berry, alcohol, Brown and sweet, citrus, dairy, Ethnic, fruit, nuts, savoury herbs and floral.

Encapsulated flavours flavours like choclate, vanilla, green apple, caramel, strawberry etc.

Emulsion flavours, Dry mixes and dairy powder flavours

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