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EMDI – Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Enzyme Modified Ingredients are specially extracted by an enzymatic process in which the milk proteins and lipids are incubated with the help of enzymes under controlled conditions.

This process helps to improve and enhance the overall flavour and aroma of the ingredient giving a richer and better food product on application.

Flow chart of EMDI
Process of Manufacture of EMDI

Dairy ingredients manufactured with this process have almost 15-30 times stronger flavour than the traditional ingredient. This because the compounds which dilute the flavour of the product are segregated from the dairy giving it more defined and intense taste. EMDI includes products like cheese, butter, cream, and ghee.

These ingredients can be added to various food products like:

- Bakery

- ice cream

- confectionery

- beverages

- sauces

- coffee and tea premix

- mayonnaise

- processed cheese

- other dairy-based products.

With the increase in demand for flavoured beverages especially dairy-based flavoured beverages, the market for EMDI is expanding at a quick pace. The intense flavour, creamy texture, and extraordinary mouthfeel provided by these ingredients are what make it a key raw material in many products that help to improve the overall quality of the final product. There has been a growth in food products having flavours of cheese, butter, and cream providing an opportunistic market for the manufacturers as the consumers want the best of ingredients at reasonable prices. The highest growth for EMDI products has been observed in South and East Asia globally due to the vast population by various foods and their changing lifestyles.

EMDI helps provide an authentic flavour to your food product having a much longer shelf life than the traditional dairy ingredients. It also has less manufacturing time for example making traditional cheese flavour can take anywhere from 1-2 years whereas EMC (Enzyme manufactured cheese) can be prepared in almost 3 days.

Overall the advantages of using

EMDI for your products are:

- Enhanced and constant Flavour

- Various Flavour can be attained according to the requirement

- Low dosage required due to high flavour intensity resulting in cost savings

- Low-fat ingredient can be manufactured

- Rich and creamy mouthfeel

- Long shelf life

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