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DMG in your Peanut Butter

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Peanut butter has been one of the favourite spreads for people of all ages. The roasted nutty flavour provides a pleasant mouthfeel. Peanut butter is a very rich source of many health compounds like Vitamin B-6, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Protein Niacin etc.

Peanut butter

Adding on to the unique taste of the butter it has various health benefits like:

- Weight loss: There have been enough evidence on the weight controlling and preventing

obesity effects of peanut butter.

- Enhancing heart health: The presence of compounds like zinc and magnesium helps

significantly in improving the heart health and maintain it at an optimal condition.

- Circulating blood sugar levels: Peanut butter contains good amount of proteins, fats, fibres

and no added sugar thus not affecting blood glucose levels.

- Reducing the risk of breast cancer

- Maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis

- Improve immune function

- Helps in Bodybuilding

The main problem faced with unstabilized peanut butter is the tendency of oil separation and extent of Spreadability. When the roasted nut is churned and mixed with its ingredients for a good amount of time the expected results are smooth firm buttery texture. When this unstabilized mixture is kept at a standstill for some time the peanut chunks tend to precipitate at the bottom forming a hard layer while the oil gets separated and becomes flowy. This affects the overall shelf life of the product in turn affecting the business.

The solution to this problem is addition of a stabilizer like Distilled monoglyceride commonly called DMG. DMG is a form of an emulsifier which helps to keep the peanut solids and the oil stable in one mixture for a significantly greater amount of time. Apart from this DMG also helps to increase the buttery texture and add on to the creaminess of the peanut butter over a wide range of temperatures. The stabilizer also improves the mouth feel of the product thus helping a person get an enhanced taste of the product.

DMG can be used independently as a stabilizer in peanut butter when used in the percentage of 1.8%-2.0% levels. It should be noted that the stabilizer should not be added in excess amounts as it’ll affect the overall texture of the product making it more firm and reducing the extent of spreadability.

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