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PGMS- Propylene glycol Monostearate

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Propylene Glycol Monostearate (PGMS) is a type of monoester of propylene glycol. This emulsifier is an ester, which is made up of propylene glycol and a fatty acid. The end result is a mixture of mono and di-esters. The monoester component (for example, PGMS) is an alpha tending emulsifier that works well as an aerating emulsifier when combined with monoglycerides. The use of molecular distillation to purify a blend is vital to its success. The most popular emulsifier in American cake baking is PGMS, which aids in aeration and shelf life.

Application of Propylene glycol Monostearate

Since propylene glycol monostearate (PGMS) is only slightly water dispersible but fully soluble in fats and oils, it is only used as an emulsifier and emulsion stabiliser in conjunction with oils and fats. Cake batters, cake icings, cake shortening, margarine, oils, oleomargarine, poultry fat, whipped toppings, ice cream, and yeast are some of the foods that contain it.

PGMS has less free hydroxyl groups and are strong water-in-oil emulsifiers with lower hydrophile-lipophile balance (HLB) values (approximately 3.5 HLB) than many glycerol monoesters. PGMS is surface-active, alpha-crystalline tending compounds that has proven to be particularly effective emulsifiers. They shape a film around entrapped air bubbles to keep the food system stable, or they form mechanically strong crystalline films at water/oil interfaces to keep dispersed droplets from coalescing.

PGMS has various application like

· Cake

- Anti-caking agent- prevents sticking of food molecules and not form clumps

- Antioxidant- Reduces the chances of oxidation hence improving shelf life

- Carrier- it helps dissolution of other food additives like flavour and colour

- Used in shortening – to prevent early aging of bread, prepare liquid shortening and also storage stable shortening

· Bakery

- Dough strengthener- modifies the starch and gluten in the dough making it more stable

- Emulsifier- prevent water-oil separation and keeps the mixture stable for long time periods

- Stabilizer and thickener

- Texture- texture is improved and thus giving a great mouthfeel

- Aeration – it is a great foaming agent

- Prevents loss of Moisture

· Ice cream

- to prevent recrystallization, enhance foaming, maintain shape

· Margarine

- enhance beat ability and prevent water oil separation

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