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Nutraceutical Ingredients

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Nutraceutical ingredients are naturally occurring pharmaceutical alternatives added to the diet through various product like cereals, protein bars etc. They are healthy and natural food substances which also fulfil the nutritional requirement of our body.

Nutraceutical ingredients

These ingredients can be easily added to food product making it easy for packaging transport and consumption. In todays fast paced world everyone wants a fast and easy source of nutrition and these nutraceutical extracts can provide that.

The use of these ingredients helps the consumer to avoid the unwanted ingestion of synthetic chemicals and their side effects. The consumers are eagerly turning towards nutraceutical for weight loss, skin glow, Prevent loss of hair etc. These problems have medical treatments which are often long term and pricey with possible side effects. Thus, the use of nutraceutical ingredients through various sources is cost effective as well as healthy with no side effects.

A list of ingredients with their uses is given below:

Ingredient Uses

Gracinia Cambogia Loss of weight

Cranberry extract Antioxidant, Treatment of stomach ulcers and UTIs

Grapeseed extract Wound healing, Improving bone strength

Glutamine Improves immune system, Treatment of digestive problems

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