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Hydro-colloids and Gums

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Hydrocolloids are long polymer chains primarily used as thickening food additives in the food industry. These substances are traditionally found in milk or extracts of plants and seaweed, flour of food grains, and various other food products.

Hydrocolloids tend to change the flow behavior and mechanical solid property like the texture of the food product without affecting other factors like the taste.

Hydrocolloids have various other properties in food products like:

- They enhance the viscosity of the product by imparting thickening properties under varying temperatures.

- They are good stabilizers

- They also have gelling properties

- They act as emulsifying agents

- They can be used for coating purposes in edible films

- Low in fat content, can be used as an alternative to high-fat gums

- Prevents the melting of frozen products like ice cream

- Acts as preservatives in few cases

Few hydrocolloids and gums are:

Xanthan gum: Used in bakery products, dry mixes, frozen foods, nutritional bars, beverages, syrups, toppings, etc.

L.B.G.: Used in Ice cream, dairy products, bakery products, ice cream, jellies, jams, etc.

Carrageenan: Used in dairy products, meat products, sauces, syrups, whipped toppings, beverages, custards, puddings, etc.

Pectin: Used in bakery products, dairy products, confectionery, etc.

Guar gum: Used in Dairy products, frozen food, beverages, etc.

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