• Niharika Jain

Why to avoid Optical Brightener for PVC Window Processing?

This Blog is written based on the conversation between Technical Head at Farbenwerke - Germany and Chemvera Team.

For the use of an optical brightener in a window profile, technical experts do not recommend it. The Optical Brightener (OB) absorbs invisible UV-light and emits visible blue light. So, it has the effect of increasing the L-value and lowering the b-value of the original color shade. A nice bright and bluish color shade is the result. So far so good!

After exposing the window profile to sunlight, a quick destruction of the OB molecules happens. The nice bluish whitening effect disappears and the color will suffer from a strong yellowing effect and a loss in the L-value. A more sustainable solution that uses titanium dioxide for increasing the L-value and Farbenwerke toner pigment to fine-tune the b-value is recommended. This state-of-the-art technique is used by leading manufacturers across the globe.

To find more about Farbenwerke toner pigments, you can write a mail to customersupport@chemvera.com

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