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DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

DHA is an omega-3-fatty acid. It is the basic component for the development of many important human organs like skin, nerve tissues, and the eye retina. It is commonly found in cold-water fish, algae, and even breast milk (as it is required by the baby for proper development). It is also produced in plants in small quantities.

DHA Capsule

DHA has many functions in the human body like:

- Maintaining brain health

- Maintaining Eye health

- Maintaining heart health

- May reduce depressive symptoms

- Foetal growth and development

- Help in fighting inflammation

- Helps in muscle recovery and wound healing

- May prevent cancer

- Maintain blood pressure

DHA is widely used as a food additive to increase the nutritional value of the overall food product, primary use being in baby foods. DHA is a vital ingredient required for the proper and healthy development of the baby. It is used in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, beverages, cooking purposes, dairy products, desserts, ice cream, confectionery, etc.

A few examples of DHA products added in food are:

For vegetarian: DHA Algal Liquid 10-40%, DHA Algal Powder10-30%

For general: Tuna fish oil (omega 3)

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