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Download Technical Data Sheet of DBDPE


OceanChem DBDPE (Decabromodiphenyl Ethane) is a highly effective flame retardant that is widely used to enhance the fire resistance properties of various materials. Developed by OceanChem, a leading provider of specialty chemicals and additives, DBDPE is specifically designed to reduce flammability and inhibit the spread of fire in numerous applications.

One of the notable characteristics of OceanChem DBDPE is its exceptional efficiency in flame retardancy. It exhibits a high level of effectiveness in delaying ignition and retarding the combustion process, making it an ideal choice for materials that require enhanced fire safety. DBDPE is commonly used in plastics, textiles, electronic devices, construction materials, and automotive components.

OceanChem DBDPE stands out due to its remarkable thermal stability, which allows it to withstand high temperatures. This feature makes it suitable for applications involving elevated heat exposure, where fire protection is crucial. The flame retardant properties of DBDPE remain intact even under extreme conditions, providing reliable and long-lasting fire suppression.

Additionally, OceanChem DBDPE is known for its compatibility with various substrates and manufacturing processes. It can be easily incorporated into different materials during production without compromising their mechanical or physical properties. This versatility allows for seamless integration, making it a preferred choice for manufacturers seeking effective flame retardant solutions.


1 Kilogram
  • 25 kgs Bag

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