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DATEM emulsifier

In most countries, DATEM is one of the most widely used food additives and substances. Diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono- and diglycerides is the full name of DATEM.

With the E number E472e, DATEM is frequently used as an emulsifier in food processing.

DATEM is an ivory white powder or solid particle. It has the functions of emulsifying, increasing stabilisation, improving preservation, and protecting freshness, and is commonly used as an addition in bread, cake, butter, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and vegetable oil powder.

DATEM includes a number of features, including Increase the physical volume of the bread by increasing the hardness and elasticity of the dough. Increase the tissue's suppleness and pliability while improving its structure and shelf life. Combining starch with DATEM creates a complex compound that prevents starch from swelling and shedding. To improve emulsification and oil-water intermiscibility, it is employed as an emulsifier and dispersion agent. Quick and efficient processing is required. The quality of the product has improved and Weight reduction is also achieved.

Application of DATEM are:

Bread: Better bread quality and easier processing thanks to a stronger dough. It's commonly used to stiffen flour for a variety of purposes, including improving the fermentation of bread dough. It aids in the conversion of sulphide bonds to disulfide bonds. It increases the bread's thickness and even improves the flavour. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions by enhancing dough elasticity in bread types (because gluten complexes strengthened). As a result, it produces a big amount of bread.

Biscuits: Biscuits with less fat have a lower hardness, Dough machinability has been improved, Raw material tolerance has been increased, Final product quality has improved.

Donuts, sweet dough and pastry: Machinability and raw material tolerance have both improved Emulsion stability has improved.

Cheese: Melting characteristics and texture have been improved. It's used to improve a spreadable cheese's melting qualities and performance. It provides the cheese a similar form and feel.

Pet food: It's used to keep the basic materials in pet diets stable and help them last longer without degrading or becoming damaged. As a result, it assists in keeping them fresh and is regarded safe.

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